The day the doctor told me I had diabetes

This post is sponsored by Ascensia Diabetes Care Canada Inc.

I remember the first day my doctor told me, “You have diabetes”.  I asked him again, because I didn’t believe it. “What does that mean?” He said I would likely have it the rest of my life, and my eating habits and lifestyle would have to change, forever.

It didn’t sink in for a week. But, here’s the thing… numbers don’t lie.

As a former engineer and brand marketer, I get the importance of numbers and tracking. So when I first visited my diabetes specialist, I would compare all the numbers: blood sugar, A1c, LDL/HDL cholesterol, Triglycerides, etc. It is how measuring became so important to me.

But, I still struggled with improving my eating habits and increasing my fitness levels. Measuring morning glucose levels wasn’t enough, and eventually I stopped the practice altogether. I simply relied on my doctor appointments every three to four months to “whip me into shape”, but that rarely happened.

In this video, I share a bit of my story and how I’m working towards improving my health journey.

I started using the CONTOUR® NEXT ONE smart meter awhile back, and really began to appreciate the power of numbers and meaningful information. I enjoyed the extra bells and whistles of the tool itself, everything from the colour coding to the historical information. But then came the CONTOUR® Diabetes App…

The My Patterns feature has been vital in providing me with richer information. It uses behavioral science, which helps adjust my behavior in a positive way. For someone who struggles with this, I am grateful for any digital technology or support system that can help. I love the idea of receiving actionable information in real time, which provides me with the motivation to act.

The new CONTOUR® My Patterns feature, basically uses your test results to understand patterns in your blood sugar readings, and then suggests ways to address it using tools such as reminders or structured testing plans to help improve blood glucose readings. It’s already available for iPhone via IOS and for Android via Google Play.

Ascensia Diabetes Care has partnered again with professional hockey player, Type 1, Max Domi, to launch the newest version of the CONTOUR® Diabetes App, the new My Patterns feature and bring greater awareness to diabetes. Being a life-long hockey fan, I’ve been following Max Domi for a while now, and he’s truly an inspiration. Despite being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (T1D) at the age of 12, Domi is active on and off the ice, as a champion in the Diabetes community. He is an inspiration to any Canadians living with diabetes, and wanting to achieve their dreams and find success in their lives.

With this partnership, Max will be conducting a Q&A later this year! Send me your questions for Max Domi now for a chance for him to answer! 

If you want more information on the CONTOUR® NEXT ONE Meter and CONTOUR® Diabetes App, please visit

In the meantime, I shall continue to monitor my progress and use the My Patterns feature in the hopes of empowering and improving my self-management of diabetes. 

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This post is sponsored by Ascensia Diabetes Care Canada Inc.