Networking Mastery Program Curriculum


MODULE 1: Why Networking and Building a Winning Mindset

Learn the true importance of networking, the context to everything you do, and how building the belief system will lead to greater success.

MODULE 2: Who, Why, and How You Target for Networking

Where to focus your efforts for the greatest impact.

MODULE 3: Know Yourself, Know Others, Know Why

Align your philosophy and tactics with your unique personality and the diverse personalities you will meet.

MODULE 4: Live Events - Work a Room with Confidence

Eliminate the fear and doubt that cripples the majority of business leaders at live events.

MODULE 5: Conversations That Connect and Transact

Connect more authentically, deeply, and with a purpose to help others while also creating opportunities for you.

MODULE 6: The Power of Personal Branded Networking

So that everything you do online and in-person is consistent and builds on itself strategically.

MODULE 7: Developing Your Stories, Vision & Mission, and Why

You'll learn how to enhance relateability, realness, and purpose.

MODULE 8: How to Fail - The Biggest Networking Blunders and Learning

See failure truly as the best learning opportunity and something that can be embraced.

MODULE 9: Closing the Conversation and Following Up

Seal the deal to mutually benefit each connection and knowing the best tactics to following up.

MODULE 10: Social Media Networking, Part One: E-Mail and LinkedIn

You'll master the elements of e-mail communication and building your professional brand engagement.

MODULE 11: Social Media Networking, Part Two: Facebook, Twitter & More

Leverage the greatest reach and build the biggest thought leadership brand out there. Whether it's with the two greatest networks or others like Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.

MODULE 12: One-on-One - Creating a Deeper Connection and Building a Roadmap to Success

So that you have an actual plan that makes sense, an idea of what deep connection really is, and how they can change both your professional and personal life.