...The stage couldn’t even contain him...
— Jeff Watson, Video Testimonial
Bobby connected with his audience the instant he stepped on stage. He communicates with passion and humour: straight to the point yet never allowing a dull moment.
— Michael Liu, Client
really empowering and motivating...really helped me get out of my comfort zone
— Annette Szeliga , Video Testimonial
Bobby’s material changed my mindset about networking and my personal brand. Using his frameworks and tips for networking, I landed my dream job out of college and tripled the size of my network.
— Bennett Garnerr, Telecommuting Trends Analyst
... he taught us how to be confident, how to speak our words, how to stand out...
— Salma Messaoudi, Video Testimonial
Bobby is an enthusiastic leader and a joy to be around!
— Dr. Milena Head, Associate Dean, DeGroote School of Business, McMaster
... he is an engaging speaker, he is positive, entertaining...
— Suzanne Kingston, Video Testimonial
Bobby’s energy and encouragement are a catalyst for student action.
— Tiffany Beks, Student Leader and Psychology Major
... Bobby was just an amazing speaker, very dynamic, very engaging...
— Lisa Brown, Video Testimonial
Bobby is a great blessing. He is one of the best instructors I have ever encountered in my adult learning experience.
— Angelina Wing Yan So, Student
... Bobby is definetely the go to person if you want to talk about personal branding...
— Elvira Hopper, Video Testimonial
I can say unequivocally that Bobby is a gift to the field of education.
— Brian Galvin, Director of Academic Programs, Veritas Prep
... this workshop was so amazing for me, it helped me to narrow down the focus of what I wanted to do in my life...
— Anika Sharma, Video Testimonial
I cannot possibly say enough about the clarity, purpose and direction Bobby is providing for me in growing my new business from the ground up. I learn something new and important from him with every interaction and his input has been, and will continue to be, critical in the growth of my business and career. Bobby is the KING of strategy. Not only that, but as a person he is kind, warm, thoughtful, accommodating, and gives the best hugs! He walks his talk every step of the way. Bobby is, quite simply, is the real deal in his ability to coach” lost leaders” towards becoming “thought leaders”.
— Janelle Morrison, Former Ironman Triathlete
If you are looking for one person to help inspire, develop leaders and become a true catalyst for success, that person is Bobby Umar, a master in personal branding, networking and social media
— J. Brett Abby, President of Message Masters
Bobby’s insights into the way we operate were bang-on. Bobby’s initiatives were extremely valuable and an inspiration.
— Shirley Mukerjea, Director of Pepsi Co.